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Evolve Planning is a clear-sighted consultancy that seeks to offer professional and honest planning advice with a friendly and personable approach.


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about us

Evolve Planning is a clear-sighted consultancy that seeks to offer professional and honest advice with a friendly and personable approach. 

We advise on all aspects of urban and rural planning, including strategic land promotion and rural diversification, supporting the submission and project management of a wide range of planning applications across the country, as well as providing evidence for appeals. 

Driven to achieve successful outcomes by assisting in the delivery of proposals that work for clients, developers and the environment, we’re passionate to see increasingly sustainable urban and rural environments created through the delivery of high quality development that address the challenges of today.

The company has formed strong links with Local Planning Authorities, architects, and technical consultants and can bring together project teams for proposals to then take through the planning process.

Our team has over 30 years of experience in providing town planning advice to developers, landowners, promoters and individuals on a wide range of proposals.



Neil Cox


Managing Director

Neil spent around 15 years working for Local Planning Authorities within Staffordshire, including as Planning Policy Manager at Lichfield District Council. More recently Neil spent over 7 years working for a national, multi-disciplinary planning consultancy.

A Chartered Town Planner with over 20 years’ professional experience gained in both local government and within a national, multi-disciplinary planning consultancy, Neil has a wide knowledge of both development management and planning policy aspects of the planning system. Neil is experienced in undertaking site appraisals, promoting sites through the plan-led system and steering projects through the development management process.

An effective communicator and project manager with particular skills in organising and running community engagement events.


Stuart Wells



Stuart spent over 10 years at a national, multi-disciplinary planning consultancy and has an array of clients active in the residential, commercial, leisure and retail sectors. Stuart has wide-ranging experience with a track-record of successfully navigating development proposals through the planning process, from smaller scale projects through to complex strategic residential, commercial and infrastructure proposals.

As well as regularly leading in the preparation and management of a wide variety of planning applications, Stuart’s calm and collected outlook has proven invaluable when negotiating complex development control matters. Stuart also leads in the management of planning appeals and the delivery of public consultation.

Complementing these skills, Stuart also has broad experience of land promotion and Local Plans, including the assessment of housing land supply. As a Chartered Town Planner, Stuart brings a spirited and friendly approach to those he works with.

Isabel Irvine

BSc (Hons)

Graduate Planner

Isabel has recently joined the team as a graduate planner. Isabel has freshly graduated with a First class honours in Human geography (BSc) from Cardiff University. Through her studies Isabel has gained a deep understanding of the complexities that shape urban landscapes and has developed an enthusiasm for fostering sustainable and inclusive communities. Isabel is now looking to apply her theoretical knowledge to her work at Evolve whilst also continuing her studies through a Level 7 apprenticeship at the University of Birmingham, the next step in becoming a chartered planner.
Isabel is particularly interested in the public realm completing a dissertation in how public spatial design affects feelings of fear and safety among individuals, with a particular focus on women’s experiences. This research refined her analytical skills and ignited a commitment to creating more inclusive and equitable urban landscapes. 
Isabel brings a friendly, positive attitude to those she collaborates with and is looking forward to her journey to become a chartered planner.

Fred & Norm

Office Wellness Team

Fred and Norm, our resident doggy duo, form our Office Wellness team.

Fred the Fox Red is the (slightly) more senior member, bringing years of experience in napping expertise, zoomies, strategic treat acquisition and security services.

Norm, the ninja Cavapoo, constantly looks up to Fred (literally), and specialises in puppy cuddles that help boost office-wide happiness, along with enthusiastic greeting ceremonies for our visiting clients.


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